What Brings Value?

For any new product, a website, app, or physical device, its success is defined the value it brings to the user. But what brings value to this new product? Nothing starts out perfect, everything has to evolve to become better than its competition and itself.

Samsung started as a noodles and grocery trading company. Twitter started as a online SMS service within a small group. Google today can hardly be describes as a search engine company.

Tracking and measuring are the keys to understanding what brings value. The biggest and best initiatives have evolved themselves through tracking their products and their users.

This is not just true for products, but also for our every day lives. If you can not track your income and spending, you can never control or improve it. What comes in and what goes out of your life needs to be tracked, to improve your experiences.

You can not improve, what you don’t measure.

To track should be a habit, if not everyday, at least once in a week. You don’t need any shiny apps to do this. You can keep track using a simple spreadsheet and some columns. After tracking for some time, you will be able to see exactly where you need to improve. Simple data can help your brain decide what you need to do next.

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