Embrace the JOMO!

Struggling with FOMO!? Go JOMO

Are you one of those who wants to have a taste of everything around them? Well, you are not alone. You, me, 77% adult millennials, and 70% Gen Xers have the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

The internet has enabled access to more content at your fingertips than ever before. While people are utilizing this resource to create powerful products and content, it is just not possible for one individual to know all of them.

Here is one thing you can do to help with your FOMO!

Take a look at the successful experts of any industry, all of them are specialists of their own field. How many experts and successful leaders have specialized knowledge of two things. Rarely.

Remember that no matter how much knowledge you grab in the world, your knowledge will always be a small dot and incomparable to the information and knowledge out there.

Ignorance > Knowledge

This is not just an equation. It is an universal truth.

Rather than trying to dig a hundred shallow holes, dig one deep hole that will get you the water faster. When you focus on one thing, you become a specialized expert. You start developing better and meaningful relationships with the right people.

Once you start going one step at a time with one goal in mind, you start enjoying the experience and stop caring about the symbol.

Go JOMO! (Joy of Missing Out)

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