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Welcome to CreativeU by me, Creative Basis.

Being a designer is more than just making things look beautiful. But it is also a lot more than making things functional. Design is taking conscious decisions to make creative choices that solves a problem. While becoming a great designer needs practice and empathy, being creative is being the true you.

Everyone is different and everyone has their unique opinions which makes them creative. It is not a talent that you need to have or a skill that you can learn and practice, creativity is an embedded property of humans, me and you.

Join me where I share techniques and methods to find your creative voice and introduce you to design principles with stories and examples that hopefully, will help you see the world around you with a new pair of eyes.

One of the gifts of being a designer is the creative community which has the incredible power of inspiring and supporting you. I am always amazed by the amazing ideas and products that friends in the community work on. I would love to see what you are thinking about and creating.

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